Mini Quick Breads Make Great Holiday Gifts

A while ago when I ran a pastry kitchen in Berkeley, speedy loaves of bread (or tea pieces, as I call them) were a day by day staple, sold by the cut or the loaf. Amid the occasions, we would make them in miniature chunks, and they flew out the entryway. I think it was the appeal of their modest size that made them so well known.


It’s anything but difficult to make mini loaves yourself at home, either to serve for drop-in visitors or to wrap and give as endowments. Their petite size influences them to feel like an extraordinary treat, particularly on the off chance that you pack them with rich and fragrant fixings like chocolate, cranberries, pumpkin, and flavors. These rolls remain damp and tasty for a couple of days at room temperature and lose little of their quality when solidified. Contingent upon the size pans you utilize, every formula makes upwards of four chunks so you can deal with your blessing list in only a couple of preparing sessions.


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